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Two Essentials of Every Great Team

Updated: Dec 20, 2018

Every great team not only has a great offense, but a great defense.

The same is true with financial planning.

That’s where insurance comes in.

It provides the defense for you to transfer the risk of something you can’t absorb yourself.

Without proper insurance, certain losses can be catastrophic and can bankrupt you.

Only 2% of people think they will ever face a disability. In reality, over 30% experience a disability that impacts income.

The best defense is to have adequate disability insurance ready to replace a loss of income.

As people are living longer, planning a long-term defense is becoming more necessary for people over 60 than ever before. Long term care insurance is there to protect against the cost of assisted living and home health care.

The last six months of someone’s life can be more expensive than any decade prior, and 75% of women outlive their husbands.

No one likes to think about death, but truth is, everyone is heading there! Most people will need 10-14 times current income for life insurance purposes. This is designed to replace income, pay off debts and estate taxes, protect wealth, and leave a legacy.

Your team needs to be well prepared for everything. Proper insurance can give you and

your family peace of mind for whatever risks lay ahead.

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The Dira Group provides life insurance quotes and a library of knowledge and tools to help physicians, attorneys, and business owners protect their teams and families from financial uncertainties.


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